Create your own cutom t-shirt

Do you want to customize your own t-shirt but you don't know how to start ? We've got the solution ! Well done, that's not so easy ! You can do all you want : for the men, women, kids or even unisex model, you just have to follow our advices.

Personalised t shirt

Start designing now and create tees styles that will make you really stand out in a crowd. Imagine your own art work, write your text or even upload your pictures! There is no limit, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want !

Create your own t-shirt on the net

First, youa have to choose the kind of t-shirt you like. Then select the perfect color and personalise t shirts with your own design or choose from a selection of available t-shirt already designed on the net. Be carefull to choose good quality products for your personalised tshirt, some materials have the ability to flex more readily than others. i.e. wool versus polyester. So, please, use rather wool for this kind of experiment ! You can also go on websites, download your text and select a font and its size so as to print it on !

Don't forget to wash it after doing it :

  • It will help you to know if an good-handed t shirt
  • There can be some risks for your health.

How much a personalised t-shirt cost?

On some internet sites it will cost around 25 euros. The price may seem expensive so that's why we should not hesitate to compare different sites.

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